A Rebel without a Clue

So what's this book about?


Listen. I don’t know how it happened. OK? By rights at twenty five years old, I should have been married to a Jewish accountant, having had two children and another on the way. Probably living in Croydon.
As it turned out, at that age I was a dope smoking, stripping lesbian. What can I tell you?

Memoirs of baby boomers often illustrate rags to riches stories. What is unusual in my narrative is that, as a young woman, following a brutal initiation into heterosexual sex, I used swinging parties as an entrée into finding a lesbian lover, exploring the then underground lesbian lifestyle, although I still slept with men, on and off, for a long time.

Finding myself, almost by accident, living in a hippy commune, I discovered the delights of recreational drugs, which I bought into with gusto.

My first career as a secretary morphed into studying to be a nurse. However, having been a naturist and an artist’s life model, it was just a short step to move into stripping and glamour modelling.

Then, one morning I woke up and thought ‘I cannot make a living taking my clothes off for the rest of my life.’ I studied for GCE ‘A’ levels, took the first exams of my life and was accepted onto a combined degree and professional qualification course, which I completed with flying colours.

These memoirs are the story of my early life, the whole nine yards. People of a nervous disposition should probably not read it. It contains scenes of a sexual nature, bad language and adult humour. Please be warned.

I hope everyone else enjoys it!

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