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I’m the author of Rebel Without A Clue. Discover my very personal journey.

who is janet green?

janet Janet is part of the baby boomer generation, now in her 60’s. She lived through post-war rationing, the swinging sixties and dissolute lifestyles in her teens and twenties, before finding her way to a career in social care, via being a secretary, a nurse, a life model, a stripper and a glamour model.

Coming out via the unusual route of swinging parties, she has been active in the LBGT community since the sixties, and has seen many changes for lesbians, gay men and transgender people.

Her memoir is a sometimes shocking, sometimes amusing, but always honest. It tells of a journey to a new road, full of discovery and fulfilment.

She lives in South East London with her sister, a rescue dog and three cats. She feels fortunate to have enduring friendships, which provide her with a lively social life, usually consisting of eating out. She is constantly on diet.

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